NEW - database of NERC radiocarbon measurements by AMS now available

The database contains over 2000 radiocarbon (14C) age measurements performed using the liquid scintillation counting method at the NERC Radiocarbon Laboratory between 1987 and 2005.

Contextual information including sampling location and the nature of sample material is provided alongside 14C age results and publication codes. Details of publications associated with the samples are also given.

For further details about this database see: Garnett MH, Harkness DD, Miller BF, Fallick AE, Bryant CL (2010) NERC Radiocarbon age measurements determined by radiometric counting 1996–2005. Radiocarbon 52, 1553-1555.

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Analysis method: Following pretreatment, sample carbon was cryogenically recovered as pure carbon dioxide after either combustion in the presence of oxygen in a high pressure bomb (organic samples) or by acid hydrolysis (carbonates). The CO2 was converted to benzene, and the radiocarbon concentration measured on a Quantulus 1220 liquid scintillation counter (LKB Wallac, Finland).

For earlier radiocarbon measurements from the NERC Radiocarbon Laboratory please consult the following publications:

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